Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Capitol Records !

Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan 
Capitol Records # 2244 - 1952
Hot Rod Mama / Nicotine Fits

The year 1952 saw Jimmie moving further north to sign with KYA radio and KGO-TV, both in San Francisco. On the radio he had two shows a day. Recording wise he remained prolific, but the raw edge of the fiddle was gone, although he was still laying down good things like 'Rubber Ball Heart'  (2118) and the superb twin-sider 'Hot Rod Mama/Nicotine Fits' (2244). 

Gene O'Quin 
Capitol Record # 2075 - 1952
Mobilin' Baby Of Mine / I'll Never Be The Same.

Pure Hillbilly bop like you ain't never gonna hear again. 
Gene rips through this number like a derailed freight train, this is what it's all about, the finest country sizzlin' bop. Gene's vocals are pure and country and they make you wanna go back to 1952 !

30 January 1952 [no. 2514, 14:30-17:30] Capitol Recording Studio, 5515 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA – Gene O‘ Quin (Gene O‘ Quin [vcl], Jimmy Bryant [ld gt], Billy Strange [gt], Speedy West [steel], Cliffie Stone ]bass], Muddy Berry [drums], Harold Hensley [fiddle], Billy Liebert [piano]. Producer: Ken Nelson)

Leon Chappel 
Capitol Record # 1756 - June 1951
I'm A Do Right Daddy / Take Your Time Mama.

Bouncy fiddle and piano leads Leon through the toe tappin' country western boogie. I'm a Do Right Daddy is a classic and stands shoulder high with all competitors .......brilliant !

June 1951 saw him recording, this time, apparently at Sellers’ Studio in Dallas, TX. Despite the added piano, the sound was still spare and unique, and the material was similar to previous sessions. Self-penned « I’m a Do-Right Daddy » (# 1756) should have convinced Capitol that Chappel had song-writing potential.

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