Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Selective Records !

Red Pleasant and the Southern Serenaders 
Selective Records # S-3X - 1950
Side A - Jesus Hits Lile The Atom Bomb (vocals by Milton Beasley & Miller Louther)
Side B - Mississippi Boogie (vocals by Milton Beasley)

Red pleasant and the Southern Serenaders were one helluva hillbilly swing outfit back in the day but both these tunes are elevated due to top vocals by Milton & Miller on the Atom Bomb side and also some tasty red hot boogie guitar. America was in a state of panic over the Atomic Bomb around this time so by tapping into their fear and then telling them that the lord will come when the bomb hits was pure marketing genius!!!
The Mississippi Boogie side is also hot, hot, hot .......like boogie Red hot! that guitar and steel is just marvelous and at times near perfect! again great vocals by Milton Beasley. This is a record that ticks every box........every time you spin it!

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