Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Rustic Records !

Jimmie Dawson - Rustic Record # 1926 - 1957
Side A - It Took An Older Woman.
Side B - Money Talks.

Another superb 78 record by Jimmie and this time on the fantastic looking label 'Rustic' out of Rockford, Illinois. Here you'll find two red hot slices of Country bop with some mighty tip top geet pickin' and of course the superb voice of Mr Dawson.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Republic Records !

Bill Carter - Republic Record # 7126 - 1956
Side A - By The Sweat Of My Brow.
Side B - You Ain't Got My Address.

Bill had many releases through the 50's & 60's on many labels ( MGM, D, Honey B and Tally) but this was his only release on Republic.
Two really decent tunes but the 'Address' side is the cream of the crop and really hops along at a snazy pace.
Bill had the help of some top Nashville musicians on this cut (see below) and it shows from the first to last note .

February 1956 Nashville, TN – Bill Carter - Bill Carter [vcl/gt], Hank Garland [lead gt], Don Helms [steel], Bob Moore [bass], Buddy Harman [drums], Tommy Jackson [fiddle], Marvin Hughes [piano]

RCA Custom pressing.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Humming Bird Records !

Henry & Homer and the Southernaires 
Humming Bird Records # 1010 - 1951.
Side A - Cripple Heart.
Side B - Eternal Love.

Early 50's splendid country by Henry & Homer . The very un PC sounding 'Cripple Heart' is actually a terrific little song with lovely harmonies and bops along with pure delight. The B side finds the vocals with just Henry (Bennetsen) telling us about his 'Eternal Love' . 

Monday, 27 November 2017

Rose Records !

Charlie Brown and his Lazy V Hands.
Rose Records # 101 - 1955
Side A - Mean Mean Mama.
Side B - My Hungry Heart.

Recorded in Cisco, Texas. Label owned by Charlie Brown.

Here you have Charlie with his Lazy V Hands on Rose # 101 with some perfect country bop, it's simple quality played with perfection. Strong shout backs from the band as Charlie sings about his Mean Mean Mama . Superb punchy guitar, Steel and nice piano makes this 78 a must have for your shellac collection.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

State Records !

Curt and Faye Bartmess .
State Records (Faith Series) # 4001 - 1951 
Side A - Walking The Sea.
Side B - The Downward Road.

Pure and rural hick gospel country from married couple with Curt & Faye. This is sacred gospel in its purest form, you get guitar, Mandolin and two heart felt vocals that makes this a masterpiece in early 50's country evangelistic music.
Curt and Faye later saw a release on the Starday Custom series on their own 'Evangelistic' label 'Country Music In A Sacred Way'/ 'The Narrow Way'. 

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Smoky Records !

Dudley Bernard 
Smoky Records - Golden Meadows, Louisiana - 1949.
Side A - Alone Without You Darling.
Side B - That Loneliness Behind Your Smile.

Lead guitar by Luke Charpentier Jr.

Recorded at the first studio owned by Cosimo Matassa . Located at the rear of a record store on Rampart Street.

This hick little record was recorded with just Dudley and his Rhythm Guitar and vocal and some really basic but kinda cool lead guitar by Luke Charpentier Jr. Two very simple tunes played with just enough talent to make it a thing of beauty.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Rangeland Records !

Billie and Gordon Hamrick.
"The Honey Hill Sweathearts"
Rangeland Record # 506 - 1954.
Starday Custom Pressing !
Side A - He Is My Guide.
Side B - He's Gonna Take The Children Out .

Alternative Blue label (image © courtesy Chris Hood )

This is Sacred bluegrass at it's finest and also it's most rustic ! such a great and rare Starday Custom record that I have the honour of owning and cherishing .

What I can only describe as full throttle gospel harmony .
'He Is My Guide' is Mandolin led and tells the story of leaving Satan and meeting with the Lord. The tune is a thing of pure wonder .
The flip is a more up tempo preaching stomper that just jumps out from the grooves, Jesus is coming folks so hold on tight ......just listen below to hear pure heavenly magic !