Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Smoky Records !

Dudley Bernard 
Smoky Records - Golden Meadows, Louisiana - 1949.
Side A - Alone Without You Darling.
Side B - That Loneliness Behind Your Smile.

Lead guitar by Luke Charpentier Jr.

Recorded at the first studio owned by Cosimo Matassa . Located at the rear of a record store on Rampart Street.

This hick little record was recorded with just Dudley and his Rhythm Guitar and vocal and some really basic but kinda cool lead guitar by Luke Charpentier Jr. Two very simple tunes played with just enough talent to make it a thing of beauty.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Rangeland Records !

Billie and Gordon Hamrick.
"The Honey Hill Sweathearts"
Rangeland Record # 506 - 1954.
Starday Custom Pressing !
Side A - He Is My Guide.
Side B - He's Gonna Take The Children Out .

Alternative Blue label (image © courtesy Chris Hood )

This is Sacred bluegrass at it's finest and also it's most rustic ! such a great and rare Starday Custom record that I have the honour of owning and cherishing .

What I can only describe as full throttle gospel harmony .
'He Is My Guide' is Mandolin led and tells the story of leaving Satan and meeting with the Lord. The tune is a thing of pure wonder .
The flip is a more up tempo preaching stomper that just jumps out from the grooves, Jesus is coming folks so hold on tight ......just listen below to hear pure heavenly magic !

Huff Records !

Cowboy 'Charlie' Huff .
Huff Recording Co. # 617 - March 1957.
Side A - Lover's Waltz.
Side B - Patonia

Starday Custom Record.

Charlie Huff was prolific around this time and was releasing records like they were candy ! he had two consecutive releases on the Starday Custom series in 1957 both using his 'Huff Recording Co' label based out of Oklahoma. 
Both sides are decent enough cowboy country material, the A side is a straight waltz but what saves this record is Charlies strong and tuneful vocal. 'Patonia' is a more mid tempo cowboy horse story with fiddle and upright bass and again more decent vocals and bolts along just fine.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Texas Records !

Early Graham and his Musical Drifters - 1954
Texas Records (Starday Custom Pressing) # 508.
Side A - I Wish You'd Start Fooling Again .
Side B - Stop Fooling My Heart.

Here is another very rare Starday Custom pressing from Nov 1954. Early Graham and the band start with a nice slice of country on the A side but then really start to cook with the mid tempo flip ! well it starts mid tempo but actually gets quicker as the band start to turn up the heat. 
These early vanity pressings may not be killer rockabilly like the later releases on the Starday custom series but by jingo they are IMO works of art. 
Mr Graham may not have a the greatest voice in country music but by heck he gave it a go on this his only ever release .

Saturday, 2 September 2017

California Records !

Al Warwick - California Records # 507
Starday Custom Pressing - Flexi 78 rpm.
Side A - Rag Doll
Side B - You Are The Only One .

Al hired the studio and band for the day and they then proceeded to record two of his self penned tunes. Now Al would, I'm sure be the first to agree he does not have the best voice in the world and is sometimes troubled by timing issues but what we have here is someone who just had to record his songs that he obviously loved . Great guitar, Steel and fiddle and both have a good beat. Very rare Starday Custom .

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Choice Records !

Chuck Bowers - Choice Record # 841 - 1955
Side A - Wandering Shoes.
Side B - Pinball Boogie.

Pinball was all the rage in the mid 50's and Chuck and the boys quickly latched on to the craze and added a little boogie so what you get is some fantastic western swing played with love and joy . All the usual stuff here, steel, guitar and a boogie beat that means you gotta dance !

Emperor Records !

Roy Aldridge - Emperor Record # 209 - 1956.
Side A - It's Not Easy To Forget.
Side B - You're Pickin' Up The Pieces (Of My Heart) 

Wonderfully quirky uptempo country boogie released on the Emperor label out of Westbrook, Maine.Lenny Breau is on pickin' lead Guitar and this just bops along just nicely. Roy swings and is joined by some sweet and crazy fiddle and steel, this is top of the tree stuff and pretty rare on 78.

Roy Aldridge: Vocals
Lenny Breau: Lead Guitar
Harold Carter: Bass
Dick Curless: Acoustic Guitar
Curly Eyles: Steel Guitar
Dave Miller: Fiddle

Unidentified: Drums