Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Tennessee Harmony Boys !

Dillard Anderson and Solon Maynard - The Tennessee Harmony Boys # 451.
Side A - I'm A Millionaire .
Side B - On The Cruel Tree.

 'Tennesee' on label (spelt incorrectly) should be 'Tennessee'.

This earlier version is different than the later 'Fortune Records' # 149 release (shown below)
Harmonica driven rural hick sacred gospel brilliance from The Tennessee Harmony Boys (Dillard & Solon), superb harmony vocals with guitars and a harmonica make this a truly rare and beautiful song.
The 'Fortune' release in 1951 ? is a re recording of the same song but is more Mandolin driven and is slightly more uptempo and bluegrass in style.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Go-Lish Records !

Lucky LeRoy & the Rhythm Rangers .
Go-Lish Records # 100 - 1955
Side A - All Tied Up
Side B - Now Get Goin'

Recorded 1955, Harrisburg, Illinois

Frequent on-air appearances were made by local musicians and citizens airing their opinions on local or national topics. Lucky Leroy was a frequent flyer before he started appearing regularly on WSIL-TV in Harrisburg.

WGGH is still located at 1801 E. Main St. and to the best of my knowledge is still broadcasting the Christian format.

Born: August 9, 1924
Died: January 12, 2004

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

CRL Rrecords !

Artist un Credited - CRL Records .
American Brewing Co.
New Orleans / Miami.

Side A - Regal Boogie.
Side B - That Regal Feeling.

Rare little slice of shellac which would have us believe that drinking Regal Beer will do you nothing but good and make you a better person....oh yeah !!! .
Un credited singer and band on this superb slice of western hillbilly boogie. Hillbilly compilations CD's and LP's had named the artist and band as .......and it's quite funny 'Al Kahole and his Drinkin' Buddies' .....this is not the artist name but would be great if it was !!!!! 
This 'Regal Boogie' hits the spot in more ways than one with sweeping steel, top guitar pickin' and loads of call and response from the band .....just perfect.
This was obviously a publicity scheme for the beer company and I'm not sure how many were produced but I would imagine not too many . 

Anyway , grab yourself a beer and listen to this ........boogie !

Monday, 20 March 2017

Dot Records !

Big Jeff Bess and the Radio Playboys.
Dot Records # 1058 - 1951
Side A - Step It Up And Go.
Side B - After We Are Through.

Big Jeff Bess - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Ed Hyde - Fiddle
Johnny Sibert - Steel Guitar.
George McCormick - Lead Guitar.
Ike Inman - Upright Bass.
Johnny Maddox - Piano.

Big Jeff was a Nashville legend, even back when this was recorded Jeff was a hero to many in town. Bar owner, film star, this guy done it all, he even married Tootsie and they opened a bar in Nashville which is still open today.
This 78 was the second release by the band on the label and my god what a rip roaring tune it is, pounding piano and some sweet boogie guitar by George McCormick.....this is as close to the start of Rock 'N' Roll as you can get, this is a record of mega magnitude in the world of country music ......SUPERB HILLBILLY BOOGIE !!!!

Friday, 3 March 2017

J-B Records !

"Country" Johnny Mathis .
J-B Records # 1500 - 1952 
Side A - Contented
Side B - Me For You And You For Me.

This is Johnny Mathis (Not to be confused with the other more famous Johnny Mathis crooner from the 60's and 70's) and is better known as "Country" Johnny Mathis . This is his second ever release and both songs were written by Mr Mathis himself. 
He also became part of the legendary duo 'Jimmy & Johnny' and they cut some brilliant rockabilly in the mid to late 50's.
Here we have a typical country weepie A side and is just OK really and not really gonna set the world on fire but the flip is a real nice slow to mid tempo hillbilly tune and in my opinion the better of the two, nice song with some nice steel and Johnny's voice is smooth as ever.
Jim Bulleit the label owner went onto finance and help Sam Phillips set up Sun Records in Memphis in 1953 .

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Demo Records !

Larry Lee and The Westerneers .
Demo Records # 1029 - 1953.
Side A - Bitter Feelings.
Side B - While I Was Waiting For You .

This is the second recorded version of the classic song 'Bitter Feelings' written by Larry Lee AKA Larry Phillipson . The first was recorded on the 'Mode' label probably in 1952 and is in a more bluegrass style, this superb version on 'Demo' is more of a straight country style and is clearly leading the way to the more Rockabilly version that was to be recorded and released on the 'Cinch' label in 1959 as Larry Phillipson and the Larry Lee Trio.
This version on 'Demo' is pure classic country and is just marvelous, recorded with great feel and shows superb song writing skills by Larry and you can tell that he believed in this song and was determined to make it work no matter what it took. It is now a classic rockabilly song and the 'Cinch' version is loved by the rockin' vinyl collectors.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Playboy Records !

Jimmie Dawson .
Playboy Records # 346 - 1951.
Side A - Flat-Top.
Side B - Here Today Gone Tomorrow.

Here, not only do we have one helluva great looking label but we also get some great country bop from Mr Jimmie Dawson. This is red hot, hair dressing country bop with some rip roaring lead guitar and boogie fiddle, just a joyous record and by jingo this only cost me $15 !!!!!