Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Monday, 29 June 2015

Gilt-Edge Records !

Rocky Bill Ford and the Sunset Wranglers .
Gilt-Edge Records # 5023 - 1950
Beer Drinking Blues / Aggravatin' Woman

Written by Bill, this song has been reworked many times in many guises. This is your classic drinking tune, and tells the story of a man bragging how he can out drink any man, any time ! Also recorded in the 1960's as Beer Drinking Blues by Eddie Noack and has Beer Drinking Daddy by Johnny Champion and James Mask .

October or November 1950 Houston, TX - Rocky Bill Ford
001 3879 BEER DRINKING BLUES X1 Gilt-Edge 5023/Audio Lab AL-1561 Design SDLP
002 3880 AGGRAVATIN‘ WOMEN X1 Gilt-Edge 5023/Audio Lab AL-1561 Design SDLP

GILT-EDGE RECORDS # 5026 - 1951

Recorded at The Memphis Recording Studio (AKA Sun Studio) in December 1950. Dusty Rhodes handles the vocals on "Sixty Days" and the flip is a tremendous instrumental.
Released in early 1951 this was Slims second release on Gilt-Edge and the A side motors along, western swing with a touch of Hillbilly makes it a classic from the Sun vaults . Pee Wee Suggs can be heard playing some sweet Jazz guitar on both sides .