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Hey Cat !

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Bethlehem Records !

Bert Bryson and his Musical Boys 
Bethlehem Records # 1294 - 1954
One Sided Heart / I Was Burned In Carolina.

This very early release by the newly formed 'Bethlehem' record company showed just a little pomise. After failing with their early pop crooners they opted for the Country sound with this nice little yodel hillbilly tune right out of New York.

Bethlehem was formed in 1953 in New York City by Gus Wildi. Wildi, a Swiss immigrant, had been in the country for about two years and wanted to create something
According to the announcement concerning Bethlehem's establishment, found in Billboard on February 27, 1954 (p26), Bethlehem Records was initially structured with Gus Wildi as President of the label, with Murray Singer the General Manager & National Sales Manager, Jim Bright as the A&R (Artists & Repertoire) Manager, and Elaine Bergman handling promotion.

In June and early July, 1954, Bethlehem released "One Sided Heart"/"I Was Burned in Carolina" by Bert Bryson [Bethlehem B1294], "Honky Tonk"/"Moderner Liebestraum" by Jim Bright [Bethlehem B1295], "Don't Steal My Heart"/"Hip Shaking Mama" by Beulah Swan [Bethlehem B1296], and "Broken Hearted Waltz"/"Echoing Mailbox" by the Simmons Twins [Bethlehem B1297]. So by the end of July, 1954, Bethlehem had released seven singles with Sy Oliver as musical director. As is not uncommon with new labels, sales of these singles were, to put it bluntly, dismal. The funds that had been set aside to start the company were running out.