Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Friday, 5 June 2015

Imperial Records !

Gene Henslee 
Imperial Record # 8227 - 1954
Dig'n Datin' / A Girl Named Heart Brake

Let's have a hillbilly riot with the great king of Imperial Rockabillies Gene Henslee.
Dig'n Datin' recorded in Oklahoma or Texas and is a true blast off record when he tells us he wants a Cadillac 4 miles long and a new suit and tie.
Red hot Fiddle, Piano, Steel and searing boogie guitar .....what more does a fella or gal need !

Hickory Records !

Ernie Chaffin 
Hickory Record # 1024 - 1955
I Can't Lose The Blues / Get Me On Your Mind .

Recorded Nashville 1955 this is classic Ernie, two powerful songs delivered in a style all his own. This was his second and last release on Hickory .Both written by his close friend Pee Wee Maddux 'I Can't Lose The Blues' is perfection and why Ernie never made it big in Nashville after this just amazes me ..........staggering !
'Get Me On Your Mind' just races along with pounding fiddle and some amazing guitar work by Pee Wee.

US Country singer born on January 1, 1928 in Water Valley (Mississippi). Ernie Chaffin began his career in 1954 at Hickory Records from Nashville. In 1955, with Marion Carpenter, He starts the label 'Fine' in Biloxi (56). He then took a trip to Sun Records of Memphis (57) where he recorded 4 singles. He recorded there after at River, Vernel, Village, Rite and Axent Records. He was a regular singer on the radio WVMI of Biloxi (Mississippi) in 1956. Ernie succumbed to an accident of tractor, on his farm of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, April 16, 1997.

Jimmie Collie
Hickory Record # 1033 - 1955
She Will Get Lonesome / Sinners Angel.

I just love this record, got it for a few dollars and trust me it was worth every cent.
Written by The Louvin Brothers and recorded in Jan 1955, Jimmie just belts out a performance that should have rocketed him to country stardom but like so many others just fell short.
He had six releases on Hickory but none in my opinion were as fine as this . A simple song about the moon and the stars and a hope they will help him get his girl back ......beautiful !

Ernie Chaffin
Hickory Record # 1016 - 
I'm Gonna Salt My Sugar Away / Lonely Wind.

This was the first release for Ernie on Hickory. Fred Rose was instrumental in signing Ernie but only after Paul Cohen at Decca/Coral got turned down as Ernie did not like his style !
A good start at Hickory but this was never gonna up root any trees anytime soon. Ernie sounds like he's searching for that sound ( that thank the lord he found at Sun Records).
Again Pee Wee wrote both tracks and both are played with gusto and have that very relaxed Hickory sound !

Rusty & Doug Kershaw 
Hickory Record # 1055 - 1956
I'll Understand / Mister Love

A damn fine fourth single release by brothers Russell Lee and Douglas James better know as Rusty & Doug . They would go onto record a further 14 singles on Hickory and cement their sound in Nashville.
What you're getting here is superb sublime harmonies and stunning Piano playing by Wiley Barkdull and of course that fantastic fiddle sound by Doug .

Pacemaker Records !

Claude King
Pacemaker Records # HB 1010 - 1953
A Million Mistakes / Why Should I ?

December 1950 KWKH Radio Station Studio, 509 Market St., Shreveport, LA – Claude King (Buddy Attaway [gt], Tillman Franks [bass], Webb Pierce [vcl chorus]. Producer: Webb Pierce)
003 A MILLION MISTAKES Pacemaker 1010 Gotham G 409
004 WHY SHOULD I Pacemaker 1010 Gotham G 409

Pacemaker Records at the time had some top names on their little label in Shreveport, Louisiana. Webb Pierce, Tillman Franks, Hal Harris & Sleepy Jeffers to name a few. 
Claude King had one release on Pacemaker ( This version was reissued on Gotham #409) this was never gonna set the country world alight in 1953 (as it was recorded some 2 years before) produced by Webb Pierce and sounds so dang good and Claude sings it with real passion with the addition of some beautiful Steel work. Then just a few years later after his years of hard work it finally payed off when he was signed to Columbia Records and had a string of hits during the 1960's.

Fargo Records !

Billy Hughes' Pal's Of The Pecos .
Fargo Records # 1115 - 1946
Stop That Stuff / Milk Cow Blues .

BILLY HUGHES, born Everett Ismael September 14, 1908 at Sallislaw, Oklahoma.
Billy owned and established Fargo records in 1946.  
The early treatment here by Billy is a very cool western swing slant on the classic tune made well known a few years later by some cat called Elvis !

SESSIONSearly 1946 Associated Studio, 305 S. Fairoaks Ave., Pasadena, CA – Billly Hughes & His Pals Of The Pecos
001 1110-8-4/1937* I'M TELLIN' YOU Fargo 1111/4 Star 1282/ET-19* HBR CD 030
002 1110-9-3/1938* IT'S TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND Fargo 1111/4 Star 1282 ET-19* HBR CD 030
003 1110-11-12 STOP THAT STUFF Fargo 1115/ HBR CD 030
004 1110-12-3 MILK COW BLUES Fargo 1115/ HBR CD 030

Coast Records !

Roy Hogsed and the Rainbow Riders.
Coast Records - # 262 - 1947
Cocaine Blues / Loafers Song.

Roy gives us a really early version of the song made famous years later by Johnny Cash. Sparse guitar and lashings of accordion (Gene Dewez) which drives the solo. Roy sings this with gusto and you can see where Mr Cash got his inspiration. Top drug tune played with a smile !

20 May 1947 [19:30-22:00] Universal Recorders, 6757 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA – Roy Hogsed (Rusty Nitz [bass], Gene Dewez [accordion]. Producer: Charles Washburn)
001 348/3291 DAISY MAE Coast 261/ BCD-16191
002 349/3292 THE LOAFRS SONG Coast 262/ LP-5015
004 351/3289 COCAINE BLUES Coast 262 Capitol 40120 F40274 F1635/ LP-5015 BCD-16191