Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bonanza Records !

Jimmy Dawson ( Dave Farley)
Bonanza Records # 101 - 1955
Devil Eyes / Walking Round In Circles.

What a red hot scorching' lil' record this is ! 
Released by Bonanza as sung by 'Dave Farley' ( as per my copy above) and the name scratched out on both sides (on later Bonanza copies) the name was changed back to Jimmy Dawson.
'Devil Eyes' is such a great song and features some fine guitar pickin'.......what a record ! what a 78 bonanza !!! 
Originally issued as Dave Farley ( Farley pseudonym seen scratched out) better known as Jimmie Dawson with the "IE" .Devil Eyes B/w Walking ’round In Circles  (the latter being the most well-known Dawson song, except " Big Black Bug Boogie "  a different song with the same name was issued on Delta 101 by Dick Marquis) were apparently reissued from Bonanza 101 (reviewed by Billboard in October 1955) ; with the very same label/number, it had been also issued by a Dave Farley, another Dawson pseudonym! Bonanza was given a Cincinnati, OH. address.                     

Trumpet Records !

Luke McDaniels 
Trumpet Record # 184 - 1952.
Whoa Boy / No More 

What you have here from McDaniels is a flippin great hillbilly bopper, Luke is still trying to find his style for sure, but boy what a song, what a voice, what a lil' belter this record is.

15 June 1952 WFOR Radio Station Studio, Hattiesburg, MS – Luke McDaniel (Luke McDaniel [vcl/rh gt], R.B.Mitchell [ld gt], Clayton Parker [bass], Hilton Giger [fiddle])
001 DRC 124/ACA 2227 THIS CRYING HEART Trumpet 45-184/ Klick-O-Phonik CDNo.#
002 DRC 125/ACA 2228 WHOA BOY Trumpet 45-185/ Proper PROPERBOX 103 STCD-24 Cactus TRUMPET-1 , Klick-O-Phonik CDNo.#
003 DRC 126/ACA 2226 NO MORE Trumpet 45-184/,

Luke McDaniel, like many a good singer was born in the good ole southern state of Mississippi, in Ellisville on February 3, 1927. He started in music after buying a seven dollar mandolin, and was influenced by hillbilly singers like The Bailes Brothers. He formed his own band and turned professional in 1945. He opened for Hank Williams in New Orleans in the late 40's and appears to have become hooked on the lonesome sound of Hank. In 1952 he recorded "Whoa Boy" for Trumpet Records in Jackson, Mississippi as well as a tribute single, "A Tribute To Hank Williams, My Buddy". The Trumpet records were all high quality hillbilly, but as with many at the time, showed him at this stage as little more than a Hank Williams clone. 

Jimmy Swan and his Range Riders 
Trumpet Record #198 - March 13th 1954.
Lonesome Daddy Blues / One More Time.

I suppose if you were looking for a Hank Williams type vocal and sound you really need look no further than Jimmy Swan. But still it sounds truly wonderful, top of the shop country. Typical lonesome blues song, suitcase packed and headin' on down the line ......brilliant !

3 February 1953 ACA Studio, 5520 Washington Ave., Houston, TX – Jimmy Swan/*Jimmy Swan And His Range Riders (Jimmy Swan [vcl/ac gt], R.B. Mitchell [ld gt], Charley Ward [steel], Hilton Giger [bass]. Clayton Parker [fiddle]. Producer: Lillian McMurry)
007 DRC-150/ACA-2432 MARK OF SHAME Trumpet No. 197 45-197/ BCD-15758 Cactus TRUMPCD-1
008 DRC-151/ACA-2433 LOSERS WEEPERS Trumpet No. 197 45-197/ BCD-15758 Cactus TRUMPCD-1
009 DRC-152/ACA-2431 ONE MORE TIME* Trumpet No. 198 No. 45-198/BCD-15758 Cactus TRUMPCD-1

010 DRC-153/ACA-2434 LONESOME DADDY BLUES* Trumpet No. 198 No. 45-198/BCD-15758 Jasmine JASMCD-469 Cactus TRUMPCD-1

Werley Faifburn " The Delta Balladeer"
Trumpet Record # 195 - 1953
Camping With Marie / Let's Live It Over .

The Delta Balladeer is completely at home with this early outing on Trumpet, plenty of fiddle and a country bounce that moves along just fine. Recorded February 3, 1953 at ACA Studio located in Houston (Texas). Werley was backed by Jimmy Swan's band The Range Riders with R.B Mitchell (lead gtr), Charley Ward (steel gtr), Hilton Giger (bass) and Clayton Parker (fiddle). Four self penned songs were cut on that day, two being issued on Trumpet 195 "Camping With Marie" and "Let's Live It Over" with the mention Folk vocal and two others "Baby, Call On Me" and "I Feel Like Crying", scheduled for release on Trumpet 196, but never issued.

"Lucky" Joe Almond & his Hillbilly Rockers !
Trumpet Records # 221 - 1954
Gonna Roll and Rock / Hickory Nut Boogie.

Joe could smell this Hillbilly with a beat / Rockabilly sound starting to spread it's wings through the south and with this ditty Almond is pretty damn close to hitting the Rockabilly sound head on !!!, a real catchy tune and at the time a good seller for Trumpet.
It was Lucky Joe Almond (Joseph Curtis Almond) from Wedowee, Alabama, who proved to be the label’s most successful Hillbilly singer. His first offering for TRUMPET was a cover of Piano Red’s classic R&B song « Rock Me » (# 199). This was recorded in Houston in 1953 with musical accompaniment provided by Jimmy Swan’s band, the Range Riders. Swan’s boys were good at what they did, but weren’t getting the groove, especially the shuffle rhythm McMurry had in mind. Finally she grabbed an acoustical board and began to thump it herself to enliven the rhythm : it helped.   Alhough « Rock Me » proved to be a good seller for TRUMPET, selling well to both Black and White markets, it was to be almost a year before Almond was back in the studio, backed this time by Curley Williams’ band, the Georgia Peach Pickers. At this session, recorded at the Diamond studio in Jackson, Almond laid down the two Hillbilly Bop classics « Gonna Roll and Rock » and « Hickory Nut Boogie » (# 221).