Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Saturday, 31 December 2016

BRC Records !

Gibson Family Singers 
BRC Records ( Broadcast Record Club) # 1024
Side A - Holy Jesus by Gibson Family Singers.
Side B - Jesus, My Savior and Friend by W.A. Newsom.

Here is some superb country gospel bop from the Gibson Family Singers on the BRC label out of Cleveland, Tennessee. Not sure of recording date but more than likely early to mid 50's .
Not much is know on the group but they did have a 45 record out on their own 'Gibson' label in 1957 with a song called 'I'm Going To Heaven' .
This is a split record with the B side by W.A. Newsom which is not the best song I have ever heard and sung in a very strange warble type style .
But the A side is pure heavenly magic, superb vocals, brilliant steel and just the sweetest guitar pickin' you'll hear this side of the sun ( check out the second solo). 
The label is based in Cleveland, Tennessee on the aptly named Bible Street.

Friday, 30 September 2016

ALBA Records !

Gordon Jennings and String Quartet.
Alba Records # 400 - 1955
Side A - Drivin' Home.
Side B - Three Day Pass.

Not too much info on ALBA or Gordon Jennings can be found on the big wide web , but this record from 1955 says plenty about Jennings and this fantastic slice of shellac. Great vocals and some lovely guitar pickin' is sometimes all you need to know . 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Liberty Bell Records !

Loy Clingman 
Liberty Bell # 9012 - 1957
It's Nothing To Me /  I'm Low, Low, low.

Fantastic moody murder ballad by the clean cut Loy Clingman. Bar room brawl, drinking and murder all in just under 2 minute and 19 seconds .......fantastic production by Lee Hazelwood make this one special record.

Loy Clingman recorded at Viv (56-58), Liberty Bell (57); Ring (57), Swan (58) and Elko Records (62). He died in February 2011. Liberty Bell, P.O. Box 7176, Phoenix, AZ. Produced by Lee Hazlewood, lead guitar by Al Casey.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Candlelight Records !

Clyde Stacy And The Nitecaps.
Candlelight Records # 1015 - 1957
So Young / Hoy Hoy .

Rompin' slap bass classic from Clyde Stacy. Hoy Hoy delivers all the goods, great voice, slap bass, pounding drums, three searing guitar breaks and above all else you get quality .......wow what a stomper ! 

Born 1936 near Eufaula, Okla. Moved to Lubbock, Texas, in 1947. On November 6, 2013, Stacy was killed in a crash when he drove into the back of a truck near his home in Muskogee, Oklahoma He was 77. Stacy was discovered by DJ Don Wallace, who became his manager and won a contract with Candlelight record label. In 1957, Stacy's first single, "So Young" backed with "Hoy Hoy", reached no. 68 on the Billboard charts.