Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sims Records !

Jimmy Patton .
Sims Record # 103 - 1955
Guilty / Careful (Duet with Ann Jones)

Born Oscar James Patton, 28 October 1931, Berwin, Oklahoma
Died 25 June 1989, Portland, Oregon

Jimmy Patton was basically a country singer and not a very successful one at that, but his claim to fame lies in a couple of ferocious rockabilly recordings, most notably "Okie's In the Pokie", "Yah! I'm Movin'" and "Let Me Slide", all of which have been heavily reissued on compilations.

Born on a farm in Oklahoma, Patton and his family moved to Springfield, Oregon in 1943. It was here that Jimmy began to take music seriously and took all chances to sing and play wherever he could. He had a job
as a rodeo rider which came to an abrupt end when he broke his arm in July 1953. Jimmy did his first recording in 1955, for the Sims label which was then based in Sun Valley, California, although the recordings were made in Fabor Robinson's home studio in Malibu. Three singles were
released during 1955, the first of which was "Careful" (a duet with Ann Jones) c/w "Guilty" (Sims 103). This was still old-fashioned hillbilly, sung in a high pitched voice, not unlike Charlie Feathers' Sun recordings.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Ramblin' Lou Records !

Ramblin' Lou Schriver and his Twin Mountaineers .
Ramblin' Lou Records # 205A/205AA - 1951
Dust On The Bible / Radio Station S-A-V-E-D.

Here we have a great rare slice of Gospel country by Ramblin' Lou on his own label out of Niagra Falls, NY in 1951. 
Ramblin' Lou had quite a stint at WJJL in the Niagara Falls area. He had a daily three-hour shift as disc jockey; he had a live show called "Rainbow Ridge"; and a special Saturday night broadcast from Ramblin' Lou's Record Ranch, which was one of the leading country and western record stores in Niagara Falls.
He had a band around 1951 called the "Twin Pine Mountaineers". He and the band did personal appearances in Western New York and Pennsylvania and in Ontario, Canada, too. He also appeared on the WWVA Original Jamboree at one time, too.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Chess Records !

Jack Ford 
Chess Record # 4858 - June 1954
I Understand / That's All You Gotta Do.

Hot diggity dog ! this is a nice lil' humdinger from Jack Ford. Been after this platter for quite a while, missed out on it a few times but finally managed to get it for an absolute steal .....£8.00 !!!! 
I just love Jacks easy going vocal on this rare slice of Chess Country .
Back in 1951, the Chess Brothers tried to set a Hillbilly Series that lead to 4 records by Harmonica Frank Floyd and by Bob Price, all sides being purchased from Sam Phillips. In 1954, they made a second serious attempt purchasing a number of masters from Stan Lewis. The series was numbered 4800 and Jack Ford opened the way with his first solo record "That's All You Gotta Do"/"I Understand (Just how you feel)" (Chess 4858) was issued in June 1954.