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Hey Cat !

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Speed Records !

Lattie Moore 
Speed record # 101 - 1953
Juke Joint Johnny / It's Good Enough For You.

Summer 1952 Buckley Record Shop, Union St., Nashville, TN – Lattie Moore (Lattie Moore [vcl/rh gt], Robert “Bobby” Phillips [steel], ? [bass], ? [fiddle]. Producer: Frank Innocenti)
003 SP-5 IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU Speed 101 45-101/Redita RLP-116
004 SP-6 JUKE JOINT JOHNNY Speed 101 

His first record, "Hideaway Heart"/"Married Troubles" (the latter
surely not autobiographical - Lattie has been married to Maxine Frost since December 1944),
 on the Arrow label from Indianapolis, is very
rare. One year after this 1951 debut came the recording that can be
considered as the first rock 'n' roll record out of Nashville, though
at the time nobody knew it. It is the original version of "Juke Joint
Johnny" (Lattie's own com-position), recorded for the Speed label.
Lots of people have cut this song, including Red Sovine, Eddie Bond
and Jim Atkins and the Pinetoppers. Lattie himself did a flat-out
rock 'n' roll version (as "Juke Box Johnnie") in December 1956, for
Arc Records. He cut 25 tracks for King, over two periods: 1953-1956
and 1959-1963. In 1958 he made two good singles for Starday, "Why Did
You Lie To Me" and "Too Hot To Handle". His only chart entry
was "Drunk Again" (King 5413) in 1961 (# 25 country). Another
drinking song, "Out Of Control", was co-written with George Jones.
Both men recorded their own version, the Jones record being the
biggest seller.

Joedy Lea.
Speed Records # 104 - 1953
The Devil Paid Me / Sweet Little Baby

Joedy Lea wrote both songs on this platter credited as (Leavins) and his top notch band show real quality as they rip through The Devil Paid Me (With A Mother In Law) a mighty fine country swing number that bobs along at a superb rate of knots and is the stand out track on this record.