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Hey Cat !

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Meteor Records !

Meteor Records !

Charlie Feathers with Jody and Jerry 
Meteor Records # 5032 - 1956
Tongue Tied Jill / Get With It .

Charlie Feathers needs no indroduction really to any Rockabilly/Meteor record collector. When I got this off Ebay in 2014 for only $150 (it was not listed correctly) as you will all know what a steal that was !!! I was doing a cart wheel around my house for days after , lucky I most certainly was.

These two tracks are stuff of legend, hiccup vocals, pounding slap bass and a song about a girl with a speech impediment.......classic rockabilly !

On April 1, 1956 Feathers persuaded his band to go Meteor and re-recorded ''Corrina'' note-for-note, but with new words and title, ''Get With It''. The record came out on April 12, 1956. Chastain and Huffman wrote ''Tongue-Tied Jill'' for release on Sun Records, but as Feathers recalled: ''We made a demo of it and took it to Sam but he thought the song was mocking afflicted people. Lester Bihari asked me if he could issue the song, so I said 'Why not?'. After Sam didn't like it thought it might not be very good, but the Meteor disc broke real good here in Memphis''.

"Red" Hadley's Wranglers .
Meteor Records # 5017 - 1955.
Brother That's All / Ring Out Those Bells.

Brothers Red and Jay swing their way through this cracking lil' tune ! 
Memphis in 1955 was kicking out some awesome records and Meteor was no different, Sun had Elvis, Carl and Jerry Lee but Meteor had Charlie Feathers and Junior Thompson.......what a time and place to live and perform in the mid 50's in Memphis !

Recorded 1955 in the Meteor Studio, 1746 Chelsea Ave, Memphis Tn. 

G D 'Red' Hadley (vcl/pno); Junior 'Jay' Hadley (gtr); Ray Cooper (gtr); Harold Buskirk (b) 

Bud Deckelman and The Daydreamers.
Meteor Record # 5014 - 1954.
Dayreamin' / Let's Not Pretend.

Let's face it, this is pure and simple Country music ! Bud is a guy with a true and pure voice, not Rockabilly just two great Country tunes.
Sam Phillips wanted the songs for a Sun release but he wanted changes ! Bud and the band thought it was fine as it was and took a ride through town to Lester Bihari's studio at Meteor. Les loved the songs and both were recorded straight away and released in Sept 1954.
These two songs are not wild slices of Rockabilly or a true reflection of what was happening in Memphis during this time period but you do get a classic disc of top notch quality country hillbilly bop ! 

1954 Meteor Studio, 1794 Chelsea Ave., Memphis, TN – Bud Deckelman and The Daydreamers (Bud Deckelman [vcl/rh gt], Dood Deckelman [ac gt], Quinton Claunch [rh gt], Eddie Emanus [steel], Dan Chambers [bass], Bill Cantrell [fiddle]. Producers: Bill Cantrell and Quinton Claunch)
001 MR-5018-1 LET’S NOT PRETEND Meteor 5014.

002 MR-5019-4 DAYDREAMIN’ Meteor 5014.

Junior Thompson with The Meteors.
Meteor Record # 5029 - 1956.
Side A - Raw Deal
Side B - Mama's Little Baby.

Without doubt or argument this is right up there when it comes to defining the meaning of the word 'Rockabilly' .....this is the stuff of legend, pure passion pouring out of every groove, this is a Memphis monster of sublime genius .....this is Rockabilly ......this is Junior Thompson !!!!!!

Recorded in January 1956 in the Meteor Studio, 1746 Chelsea Ave, Memphis Tn.
Jesse 'Junior' Thompson (vcl); Terry Thompson (gtr); Ray Lovelace (gtr); Don Moore (gtr);
Quinton Claunch (gtr); Jimmy Lovelace (b); Monty Olive (

Real name Clen Houston Thompson Jr. Born in Florence, Ala. A regular on Dixie Hayride (Florence, Ala.) in 1956.

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