Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bonanza Records !

Jimmy Dawson ( Dave Farley)
Bonanza Records # 101 - 1955
Devil Eyes / Walking Round In Circles.

What a red hot scorching' lil' record this is ! 
Released by Bonanza as sung by 'Dave Farley' ( as per my copy above) and the name scratched out on both sides (on later Bonanza copies) the name was changed back to Jimmy Dawson.
'Devil Eyes' is such a great song and features some fine guitar pickin'.......what a record ! what a 78 bonanza !!! 
Originally issued as Dave Farley ( Farley pseudonym seen scratched out) better known as Jimmie Dawson with the "IE" .Devil Eyes B/w Walking ’round In Circles  (the latter being the most well-known Dawson song, except " Big Black Bug Boogie "  a different song with the same name was issued on Delta 101 by Dick Marquis) were apparently reissued from Bonanza 101 (reviewed by Billboard in October 1955) ; with the very same label/number, it had been also issued by a Dave Farley, another Dawson pseudonym! Bonanza was given a Cincinnati, OH. address.                     

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