Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

RCA Records !

Dave Rich 
RCA Record # 6595 - 1956
Your Pretty Blue Eyes / Ain't It Fine .

Dave Rich RCA recording star ......should have been a mega star, had a voice that would melt anyone's heart, great song writer, Dave had it all . But when the call of God and the church became too great he chose the path of the lord and the rest is history !
These two songs are perfect country songs, lavish in sound (produced by Chet Atkins) . During his recording time with RCA he would work with the best . Chet and Grady Martin on Guitar, Jimmy Day on Steel, Bob Moore on Bass, Floyd Crammer - Piano and Buddy Harmon hitting the skins.....what a dream line-up and what a great record !

Hawkshaw Hawkins.
RCA Victor Record # 5623 - 1954
Waitin' For My Baby (Rock Rock ) / Flashing Lights.

From 1953 until 1958 he recorded for RCA, under the supervision of Chet Atkins, but without any hits. Already in 1949, WSM officials had invited Hawkins to join the Grand Ole Opry, but he declined, choosing to stay at WWVA. However, when they asked him again in 1955, he did accept, making his debut at the Ryman Auditorium on April 23, 1955.

Hawkshaw Hawkins 
RCA Victor Record # 6211 - 1955
Car Hoppin' Mama / The Love You Steal

He recorded first for the King record label. On May 1, 1953, he signed with the RCA Victor label. Then he moved to Columbia before returning to the King label. Perhaps his most requested song at one time was Filipino Baby, for they wrote, "…what Hawkshaw can't do with that song, no one can."
During that second tour with the King label, he recorded a Justin Tubb (son of Ernest Tubb) tune called "Lonesome 7-7203" in 1962.
But sadly, Hawkshaw would not live to see it reach number one on the charts. On March 5, 1963, he, along with fellow Grand Ole Opry stars, Cowboy Copas and Patsy Cline, were returning from a benefit show (for a disc jockey that had lost his leg) in a plane piloted by Randy Hughes, the son-in-law of Cowboy Copas and the manager of Patsy Cline. The plane encountered a blinding thunderstorm that caused the plane to crash in the woods near Camden, Tennessee.

Curtis Gordon 
RCA Victor # 5760 - 1954.
Caffeine And Nicotine / Diveded Heart.

Superb little Country boogie tune about the addictive nature of Caffeine and Nictotine, Curtis shows his real class on this tune and feels totally at home swingin' away on this one.

Curtis Gordon
RCA Victor # 5639 - 1954
I'd Do It For You / You Crazy, Crazy Moon.

Again Curtis swings his way through this country bop classic ! His voice is pure gold on this track and delivers a superb slice of pure Hillbilly !

Born 1928 in Moultrie, Ga. A regular on the Dixie Barn Dance (WKAB, Mobile, Ala.) in 1953. Stationed at Fort McPherson, Ga., in 1956. Died in 2004.

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