Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Monday, 22 June 2015

Mode Records !

Tennessee Valley Boys 
Mode Records - 101 - 195?
Bitter Feelings / I'm Wondering Now .

This is a 78 record I found that is not listed anywhere ! Pretty rare and all attempts have me stumped on it's history and date !
This song 'Bitter Feelings' and 'I'm Wondering Now' were both released in 1953 on two different releases on 'Demo' Records ( a anagram of 'Mode' ? ) and were straight Country songs under the name 'Larry Lee (Phillipson) and the Westerneers' . This 78 (pic above) is a Bluegrass version with very sparse instrumentation (Mandolin and Banjo) so I would estimate an earlier recording (poss 1952)
Larry Phillipson later recorded the 'Bitter Feelings' side again in 1959 and was released on the 'Cinch' label and the song was faster and in a straight Rockabilly style. 

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