Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Saturday, 6 June 2015

X Records !

Terry Fell and the Fellers 
X Records # 0010 - 1954
Don't Drop It / Truck Driving Man 

Classic case of the B side takes off and no one remembers the A Side !
This was the Truck Driving song that sparked a wave of trucking tunes from the West to East coast ! 
Terry is totally at ease with this tale of the long distance trucking man and his lonely life on the road, just him, the white lines and neon signs. 
Honking harp starts the fun and then you get lovely harmony vocals and the whole thing just motors along just fine ! 
Fell started his record career in 1945 as a member of Billy Hughes band. His first record was with Hughes on Fargo Records. He then began his solo career for Cortney and 4 Star Records, although none of his singles were hits there.

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