Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Mart Records !

Doug Tubb .
Mart Record Company # 1003 - 1955
The World Is A Monster / Deaf, Dumb And Blind .

Before recording for Decca and Dot and changing his name to Glenn Douglas, Doug Tubb recorded this monster for 'Mart' in 1955 and wow what a tune.
Written by Doug and Roy Duke this is killer country music, not a mover i'll give you that .....but changing from minor to major chords this lil' devil rolls and bops for sure and when Doug states "For the world is a monster and it's food is mans heart"  you better believe it buddy ......I just love this 78, not in the greatest condition but it's a monster all the same !

Born Douglas Tubb (Son of Ernest Tubb), June 29, 1935 in San Antonio (Texas). Glenn Douglas is still active as Country singer .

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