Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Tennessee Harmony Boys !

Dillard Anderson and Solon Maynard - The Tennessee Harmony Boys # 451.
Side A - I'm A Millionaire .
Side B - On The Cruel Tree.

 'Tennesee' on label (spelt incorrectly) should be 'Tennessee'.

This earlier version is different than the later 'Fortune Records' # 149 release (shown below)
Harmonica driven rural hick sacred gospel brilliance from The Tennessee Harmony Boys (Dillard & Solon), superb harmony vocals with guitars and a harmonica make this a truly rare and beautiful song.
The 'Fortune' release in 1951 ? is a re recording of the same song but is more Mandolin driven and is slightly more uptempo and bluegrass in style.

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