Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Monday, 11 September 2017

Rangeland Records !

Billie and Gordon Hamrick.
"The Honey Hill Sweathearts"
Rangeland Record # 506 - 1954.
Starday Custom Pressing !
Side A - He Is My Guide.
Side B - He's Gonna Take The Children Out .

Alternative Blue label (image © courtesy Chris Hood )

This is Sacred bluegrass at it's finest and also it's most rustic ! such a great and rare Starday Custom record that I have the honour of owning and cherishing .

What I can only describe as full throttle gospel harmony .
'He Is My Guide' is Mandolin led and tells the story of leaving Satan and meeting with the Lord. The tune is a thing of pure wonder .
The flip is a more up tempo preaching stomper that just jumps out from the grooves, Jesus is coming folks so hold on tight ......just listen below to hear pure heavenly magic !

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