Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Flip Records !

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Charlie Feathers 
Flip Record Inc. # 503 - 1955.
Peepin' Eyes / I've Been Deceived

Charlie Feathers (vcl/gtr); Quinton Claunch (gtr); Stan Kesler (steel gtr); Marcus Van Story / William Diehl (bs); Bill Cantrell (fiddle)

 Sun records founder Sam Phillips launched Flip records in February, 1955. The label folded abruptly after threats of legal action were voiced by Ed Wells, owner of another Flip label in Los Angeles. Recording took place at Sun studio, 706 Union Avenue in Memphis. 

This rare as hens teeth 78 is a thing and sound of beauty , Nothing comes close to Charlies voice and every word is crammed to the brim with pure raw emotion ! 
Within months of the law suit from LA , Flip # 503 saw a release on the Sun label as Sun # 503 ( both the Charlie Flip and Sun records are highly prized by collectors) 
I have been after a copy on 78 for years and finally got my chance to own what I consider to be one of the greatest and important records of that era ......Flip #503 is nothing short of a masterpiece !

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