Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Meladee Records !

Don Ray with The "High Steppers"
Meladee Records - M 118 - 1956
Step Aside (And Let A Good Man Pass) / Hand Full Of Memories 
RCA Custom Pressing.

Very little is known about Mr Don Ray and his "High Steppers" but what I can confirm about this Meladee record is .......that it is an absolute top drawer record and that 'Step Aside' is pretty much the kinda song that sticks in your head for days & days. 
It is not ferocious rockabilly or even quick high tempo hillbilly , it is melodic, tuneful, and damn right brilliant, wonderful voice and the guitar pickin' and steel work is sublime......if you find this on a 45 or 78 BUY IT !

Jack Wyatt with The Bayou Boys.
Meladee Records # 104 - 1953.
Why Did You Let Me Love You ?
Tear Stains On My Heart.

Meladee Records out of New Orleans sure found some great acts to release in the deep south in the early to mid fifties! if you thought the Don Ray 'Step Aside' was top notch then check out the you tube clip below by good ol' Jack Wyatt , hot to trot hillbilly with backing by the Bayou Boys , it just oozes class ........Meladee hits the bulls eye again !

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