Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Monday, 20 March 2017

Dot Records !

Big Jeff Bess and the Radio Playboys.
Dot Records # 1058 - 1951
Side A - Step It Up And Go.
Side B - After We Are Through.

Big Jeff Bess - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Ed Hyde - Fiddle
Johnny Sibert - Steel Guitar.
George McCormick - Lead Guitar.
Ike Inman - Upright Bass.
Johnny Maddox - Piano.

Big Jeff was a Nashville legend, even back when this was recorded Jeff was a hero to many in town. Bar owner, film star, this guy done it all, he even married Tootsie and they opened a bar in Nashville which is still open today.
This 78 was the second release by the band on the label and my god what a rip roaring tune it is, pounding piano and some sweet boogie guitar by George McCormick.....this is as close to the start of Rock 'N' Roll as you can get, this is a record of mega magnitude in the world of country music ......SUPERB HILLBILLY BOOGIE !!!!

Tennessee Drifters featuring George Toon.
Dot Records # 1098 - 1952
Side A - Mean Ole Boogie.
Side B - Boogie Beat Rag.

Slap bass monster boogie from the Tennessee Drifters with tip top vocals from George Toon. I can assure you this is NOT just your typical country boogie tune, this is pure class, prominent slap bass, strong boogie piano and some top of the league guitar just elevates this above a lot of those typical country boogie woogie songs from around this time period ........this really is a 'Mean Ole Boogie' .....and I mean it !!!

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