Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

CRL Rrecords !

Artist un Credited - CRL Records .
American Brewing Co.
New Orleans / Miami.

Side A - Regal Boogie.
Side B - That Regal Feeling.

Rare little slice of shellac which would have us believe that drinking Regal Beer will do you nothing but good and make you a better person....oh yeah !!! .
Un credited singer and band on this superb slice of western hillbilly boogie. Hillbilly compilations CD's and LP's had named the artist and band as .......and it's quite funny 'Al Kahole and his Drinkin' Buddies' .....this is not the artist name but would be great if it was !!!!! 
This 'Regal Boogie' hits the spot in more ways than one with sweeping steel, top guitar pickin' and loads of call and response from the band .....just perfect.
This was obviously a publicity scheme for the beer company and I'm not sure how many were produced but I would imagine not too many . 

Anyway , grab yourself a beer and listen to this ........boogie !

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