Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Friday, 29 May 2015

Decca Records !

Charlie "Peanut" Faircloth
Decca Record # 46237 - 1950
F-O-O-L-I-S-H Me, Me / I'll Sail My Ship Alone.

This little treasure from Charlie is swingin' country boogie at it's best, you get the lot here, great guitar, Steel and Piano and a perfect tune written by Vic Mcalpin.

He was born premature in 1927 and weighed slightly less than three pounds. On the day he was born, an Afro-Indian midwife named Baby Dora delivered him and placed him in a shoe box with heated bricks around it to keep him alive.
Nine months later, he was stricken with polio. He was so small and frail as a baby that his family dressed him in doll clothes. He thrived despite the disease, and was able to lead a fairly normal life, eventually marrying a beautiful girl named Frances Lanier and fathering four children.
Ernest Tubb heard one of Mr. Faircloth’s broadcasts, gave him the opportunity to sing with his band, and hooked him with Decca Records. In 1950, Decca showcased Mr. Faircloth’s talents in the single “I’ll Sail My Ship Alone,” which climbed to the top of the Billboard country chart that year as the No. 1 song in the nation.
Charlie R. “Peanut” Faircloth Sr., 82, of Chattanooga, died on Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Autry Inman.
Decca Record # 28778 - 1953
Pucker Up / That's When I Need You The Most.

Autry is known in Rockabilly collecting circles as the real deal but before he made the jump over to the Rockabilly side he was firmly in the County hillbilly camp and cut a few decent Country tunes for Decca during the early 50's.
This number 'Pucker Up' is a little fast tempo jolly tune with all the usual country sounds of Fiddle, Steel and some cool pickin' Guitar by Floyd Robinson.

Autry Inman
Decca Record # 28629 - 1953
Uh-Huh Honey / That's All Right.

Autry again ! this time he is starting to dabble with Rockabilly with this little scorcher. Uh-Huh Honey is classic country bop, unknown players on this ditty from Feb 1953. Autry's fine country hic-up vocal is perfect for this song and along with tip top Guitar and Steel work this is classic country bop bop bop !

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