Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Friday, 29 May 2015

Mercury Records !

Eddie Bond and the Stompers 
Mercury Record # 70826 - 1956
Rockin' Daddy / I Got A Woman .

Eddie Bond needs no introduction from me, A great performer and song writer through out his career and with this record you get two classic slices of mid 50's Rockabilly bop ......pure Rockabilly Bop !

Bennie Hess and the Nations Playboys.
Mercury Record # 6121 - 1948.
You Ain't Cheatin' On Me Now / Tonight And Every Night.

Bennie Hess is well known in Country/Rockabilly circles as a debonair, entrepreneur business man and would deal and sell and produce records. He had his own labels called 'Opera' and 'OKed' and 'Jet' (mid 1950's) which proved pretty successful .
He had some success on Mercury and was heading for the big time (read story below) but is more well known in Rockabilly collecting for his 'Wild Hog Hop' 45 released on 'Major' in 1958.

The union recording ban took effect in 1948, forcing many labels to close down. However unconcerned by the union, Hess recorded a string of releases during this year ending up becoming his busiest period. In addition to his own releases, he produced the first recordings by Iry LeJeune and secured a territorial big seller. This was the start of the resurgence of the accordion in Cajun music. Three more records followed on Opera before he gained a deal with major label Mercury, who released his 'Tonight And Every Night' (#6121) that became hit and went to number 1 on several local charts in July 1948. With this success, Mercury decided to release the follow-up record 'With You I'd Be Satisfied/Come On Home Where You Belong' (#6147) in late 1948. However, Bennie ran into trouble with Mercury when they discovered that he had bootlegged this release on his own Opera Records with the result that they terminated his contract. With characteristic exaggeration, Hess later recalled that he was on "the brink of stardom" when this setback occurred.

Born 10 February 1914, Chriesman, Texas

Died 22 November 1984, Houston, Texas

Roy Moss 
Mercury Record # 70770 - Jan 1956.
You're My Big Baby Now / Your Nearly Lose My Mind .

Killer twin spin out on Mercury by Roy Moss ! I dare you to find anything that comes close to this superb bop fest ! you get slap Bass, hiccup vocals and some sweet lead guitar . Recorded in late 1955 and released in Jan 1956. This is the stuff of dreams. This is Rockabilly in it's purest form ........amazing and delicious ......Thank you Roy Moss .

November 1955 poss. Bradley Studios, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashvile, TN - Roy Moss (unknown musicians)
001 YW-7779 YOU’RE MY BIG BABY NOW 70770x45
002 YW-7780 YOU DON’T KNOW MY MIND 70858x45
003 YW-7781 CORRINE, CORINA 70858x45
004 YW-7782 YOU NEARLY LOSE YOUR MIND 70770x45/

Tibby Edwards 

Mercury Records # 70591 - 1955 

Flip, Flop and Fly / There Ain't No Better Time.

A masterclass in rockin' Hillbilly by Tibby on this cracker from 1955. 12 singles Mercury issued between 1953 & 1957 were cut at Owen Bradley‘s studios in Nashville. Dee Kilpatrick (A&R man & staff producer for Mercury records, who later went on to succeed Jim Denny as manager of the Grand Ole Opry) produced these sessions and the backing was provided by Hank Williams’ Original Drifting Cowboys, (Don Helms, steel – Jerry Rivers, fiddle – Hillous Butrum, bass and Bob McNett, guitar). Also on the sessions were Floyd Cramer on piano and Chet Atkins on rhythm guitar. Yet Edwards’ popularity was based on his Hayride appearances only, as he never had a hit of any significance

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