Hey Cat !

Hey Cat !

Friday, 29 May 2015

Mar-Vel Records !

Jack Bradshaw and Tennessee Two.
Marvel Record # 750 - 1954
Don't Tease Me / Don't Cause Me To Hate You.

This little gem released on Mar-Vel in 1954 is a favorite 78 in my collection, cost me only $10 and is worth every cent in my opinion. A cracker of a song that Jack handles with ease. This song was later covered by Carl Smith and reached the top twenty in the country charts in 1955.

Harry Glenn, owner of the Mar-Vel’ label, became extremely enthusiastic when he heard Jack’s “Don’t Tease Me”. So much so that he took Jack and his group to station WWCA in Gary where Mr. Glenn engineered the session himself. 
Its release brought a lot of exposure and air play on Midwestern country stations. Later in that year, 1954, Carl Smith covered the song for Columbia records and brought the song all the way up to number 18 on the C&W charts across the nation.

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